A career in real estate can provide both personal and financial rewards to self-directed individuals who are entrepreneurial, technologically resourceful and service-oriented.

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What is the Coldwell Banker Reliable Difference
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Coldwell Banker Story
Coldwell Banker® Story
The Coldwell Banker® story is one that is built on its legacy, global network and innovation. The brand has grown to become one of the premier residential real estate organizations in the world, because it was founded on a commitment to ethical professionalism and customer service that continues to be the core of our business philosophy today.

From our early years in San Francisco to today's real estate landscape, we are constantly looking to build brand reputation, recognition, and profitability through development of our cutting-edge innovations while maintaining the most traditional personal service available.

Our goal is to uphold the Coldwell Banker brand as one of the most respected real estate brands in the world. Our world-class marketing materials, state-of-the-art training programs, advanced online resources that attract today's Web-savvy consumers, and, of course, our valued franchisees are all factors that attribute to our success.
Programs & Services
Programs & Services
We want you to focus on your business. That is why we offer the best in tools and resources, so our franchisees can look to the Coldwell Banker® brand for resources they will need to succeed. Our premier real estate infrastructure includes Coldwell Banker Works, our national site,, and market specific campaigns such as the Coldwell Banker Homebuyer Ready program, which is geared to target consumers in a Buyer's market.

You'll find that affiliating with the Coldwell Banker brand is about much more than any one tool or resource we can provide you. It's about our single-minded commitment to making you more profitable, better recognized, and the unquestioned leader in your market. As leaders in the industry, we're dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of the Coldwell Banker network performs at the highest possible level. For 16 years we have provided Ultimate Service® to Canadian Buyers and Sellers earning us a 98% customer satisfaction rating***. If this uncompromising attitude to get ahead appeals to you, you may have found a home with the Coldwell Banker organization. GROWTH MARKETS Coldwell Banker Real Estate helps you grow your business organically through niche properties and growth markets. Marketing programs enable Sales Associates to position and market themselves as certified experts in vacation properties, new construction, property management and rental markets. It's through providing a rich suite of training opportunities and customizable marketing materials that enable our Brokers and Sales Associates to concentrate their efforts within these segments without spending a lot of money.

And, there is no better place to start a career in luxury real estate than through our prestigious Coldwell Banker Previews International® luxury marketing program, which has been a world leader in the marketing of luxury homes since 1933. For all of 2013, Coldwell Banker Previews International Property Specialists listed nearly 10,000 homes valued at more than $2 million, with 25 percent of those listed for more than $5 million. On average, in 2013 Coldwell Banker Previews International Property Specialists handled $102.7 million in luxury homes sales every day.
Awards & Events
Awards & Events
AWARDS Being a successful franchisee requires extraordinary talent, commitment, perseverance and the determination to reach new levels of professional achievement. Coldwell Banker® believes strongly in this quest. Every year, the Coldwell Banker Awards and Recognition Program honors peak performers, not only for their contributions to the bottom line, but also for serving as an inspiration to others within the Coldwell Banker system and throughout the real estate industry. EVENTS As a member of Coldwell Banker® system, you will be given the opportunity to network with colleagues at a number of international or management conferences, and regional training events. These events offer networking and educational growth opportunities that can help you and your office achieve desired professional and financial goals.
Exceptional Education
Exceptional Education
To ensure the continued development of Coldwell Banker® affiliated franchisees, Coldwell Banker University® offers offices a wide variety of classes and continuing education programs. Coldwell Banker University offers a robust suite of certification, development and technology training programs.

Coldwell Banker University® is one of the nation's 'premier' training programs having been named to the top 10 from any industry each for the past three years by Training Magazine in their annual Top 125. Coldwell Banker agents have long been known as some of the most professional and educated in the industry. With a variety of online and traditional classroom venues nationwide, Coldwell Banker University offers more than 500 courses to keep our agents on the leading edge, while providing ongoing accreditation.

Training is available for owners, managers and Sales Associates with courses that focus on core skills and productivity enhancement such as eFastStart for new Sales Associates, BOO$T for experienced agents, and our ACT program for new and established managers.
Innovative Technology
Innovative Technology
The Coldwell Banker® brand is known for innovation, and our commitment to emerging technology is proof of that tradition. The brand became the first national real estate company to launch its own YouTube channel, Coldwell Banker On Location℠, which can be found at Designed to offer consumers a new way to search for and interact with real estate information, listings and local insights via video, the channel has experienced over 3M visits and over 100k video uploads in its first 3 years of launch. Other innovations include our property search apps for iPad, iPhone and Android powered devices that let customers find you and your listings through multiple touch points. The Coldwell Banker brand offers multiple platforms to ensure your listings are given maximum exposure while at the same time promoting you. Coldwell Banker Real Estate is a part of the social media online world with a Facebook company page and can also be found on Twitter. We've been named the Inman News Real Estate Innovator of the Year Award recipient twice, nominated for two awards in 2010 and the above tools are just a few examples of the industry-leading technology used to promote the brands listings anytime, anywhere and to attract and keep loyal customers.
Marketing & Advertising
Marketing & Advertising
Coldwell Banker® makes it easy to leverage and augment the power of our national advertising efforts with targeted, local efforts of your own. We provide a wide range of pre-produced advertisements and marketing materials - from television commercials to postcards and flyers - which are customizable for local use so you can distribute or broadcast them as you see fit. Our expansive inventory of pre-produced materials can save you time and money, and allow you to deliver consistent, effective messaging across all media outlets.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate takes a multi-screen approach to our advertising strategy so that we can reach consumers on their terms in the media outlets they go to for news, information and entertainment. Whether they're watching TV, surfing the web, enjoying digital video content or using their Smartphones, Coldwell Banker Real Estate has a presence.
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Welcome to Coldwell Banker Reliable Real Estate

Established in 2008, Coldwell Banker Reliable Real Estate, a full service customer focused Realty Company services the five boroughs of New York City. We represent buyers and sellers in Residential Sales, Landlords and Tenants in Residential Rentals and our Commercial Division offers services from our expert agents in the sale, lease and management of Commercial Property. As a member of the Coldwell Banker Brand, we have access to 3,000 offices in 49 countries and over 88,000 agents worldwide. We bring that and more to our customers locally. We are built to succeed. We are connected to the world and focused on our customer needs.

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